Frequently Asked Questions

Is Millennia Cargo a BBB registered business?
Yes, Millennia Cargo, Inc. is a Better Business Bureau registered business. We’re in the middle of a re-accreditation process as we’re moving our business to Las Vegas, NV. Our re-registration should be done in the next month or so. You can find our company profile at BBB by visiting the this page.
What type of mail can your company handle?
We can accept any type of mail including registered and certified mailings. We can also accept packages on your behalf from USPS, FedEx, UPS, etc. You must have a form 1583 filed, however, in order for us to do so.
If my name is misspelled on my mail, is that a problem?
No, as long as your 5 digit mailbox is correctly noted on the correspondence, we will be able to process your mail.
Do you offer phone support?
We do offer phone support for our customers. We also have an online ticket request system available. Our customer support is kept in-house and we never outsource those services.
Can my mail be automatically forwarded?
Yes. You can set up all of your preferences during your initial set-up. Changes to your account can also be easily made later on. Just go to your account tab and choose Automatic Forwarding and select the option. We can accommodate forwarding on a weekly or monthly basis.
Am I able to view old bills?
Yes, just go to your account online and choose the Billing option. From there, you can choose which bill to view.
How do I go about canceling my account?
Simply login to your online account and choose the Billing option. You can edit your choices for billing preferences here, including the option to cancel the account.
Do you have the capacity to act as my registered agent for my business?
Yes, we can handle that service for you. Make sure to note us as your registered agent and we will handle the rest. This service is offered at no extra charge to our customers.
Do you require any special authorizations in order for me to open an account with your company?
Yes, we require a USPS form 1583 to be filled out along with required ID and notarized (when applicable). If you need a copy of this form, click the link provided here:Yes, we require a USPS form 1583 to be filled out along with required ID and notarized (when applicable). If you need a copy of this form, click the link provided here:
How do I fill out the USPS form 1583?
For instructions on how to complete form 1583 and what additional documentation is required, please click the link here: USPS instructions.
Is there a certain way my mail should be addressed?
We give you the option of choosing from several forwarding locations in different cities. You can choose one or more of these when selecting your preferences. You may also change your preferences at any time.
Can more than one person use the same mailbox?
Yes, multiple individuals can use the same mailbox and there are no limits. The only restrictions placed on the account are the number of pieces of mail that can be processed during a specified time period.
Will anyone in your company open my mail?
We do not open any mail unless instructed by you to do so. Generally, we forward you images of the mail and from there you can direct us on how to handle it. We can destroy the mail, forward it on to you, or open and scan the contents for you to review.
How quickly will I get forwarded and scanned mail?
Scanned mail should be available to you within one day of your original request. Forwarded mail requests are sent out the next business and should arrive to you within a few days depending on the carrier’s schedule.
How do you take care of forwarded mail?
Based on your preferences, we send out forwarded mail within one day on a weekly or monthly basis. Once you log in, you can indicate how you would like each piece handled and what address you would like them forwarded. When we can, we will combine mail to minimize total shipping costs.
How do I get mail sent to my new address?
You can use us to handle mail from just a select few individuals or we can handle all of your incoming mail. To just have us handle specific mailings, you would just provide your new address to those individuals whose correspondence you want us to handle. For us to handle all of it, you just need to make your new address your official mailing address.
Can I just pick up my mail at your facility?
Unfortunately, we do not have that option available to our customers. We do provide you with a number of shipping choices at a minimal cost to you.
Will junk mail be counted toward by mail piece limit?
No, we discard anything addressed to “resident” or “occupant” immediately upon receipt.
How good are the scans of my mail? Are they easily able to be read?
Our scans are all of high quality and processed at 300 dpi for easy readability.
Customer Service

We take customer service very seriously. Our staff is professional and capable of handling all of your needs. For customer support issues, please reach out to us at or call us at (800) 651-5659.

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