Millennia Cargo, Inc. maintains constant vigilance over inventory to minimize occurrences of product shortages for order fulfillment. We also provide customized labels which allow items to be scanned into co-signees’ systems, in order to increase accessibility.


We regularly inspect all products slated for orders for date issues and holds for marketing, etc. It is one of the failsafes we have in place to ensure order accuracy. If any product fails any one of the checks in place, the order will not ship.


We have a number of options available for live and pre-loads to accommodate our customers’ needs.


At Millennia Cargo, Inc. we set ourselves apart from our competition by providing customizable options for our customers. One of those things is product labeling. We can customize any product label to your specifications and can change labeling specs when necessary due to marketing or promotions.


We have a number of options available to our customers for bills of ladings, including VCIS. Customers can choose an option which works best for their needs.


We have been in business for a number of years and have created profitable network relationships with a number of major carriers in order to provide our customers with the best selections and shipping rates in the industry.


Our EDI systems allow us to interface with most other systems to provide accurate and timely information to our customers. This allows us interfacing capabilities to link with UPS, FedEx and many other carriers.

The EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) allows us to provide real-time information on the status of shipments. We can also tailor those notifications to include the same information on the product labels for ease of identification.


We routinely utilize key performance indicators as part of our business practices. They include shipment information such as detained or delayed shipments, processing times, and accuracy of order fulfillment.

Success Stories.

  • “ For very personal reasons, I do not wish to publicize my home address. I use Millennia Cargo’s mail forwarding to obtain a legal mailing address that I use for all my mail and official business. They maintain my privacy and I feel safe and worry a lot less than I use to. ”

    - Ben Wilden

  • "The wife and I love to travel and now that I have retired, we can take extended vacations. The problem is that she worries about the mail and bills piling up while we are gone. Millennia Cargo’s Mail Forwarding Service now takes care of our incoming mail and we have no more excuses!"

    - Miles Barnsteadt

  • "I am trying to get my business off the ground. I am being inundated with mail from prospective vendors, companies that want to loan me money and realtors. I barely have enough time to get done what I need to in the 24 hours I have each day. Letting Millennia Cargo handle my mail allows me the time I need to concentrate on my business. It’s like having my own mail room. "

    - Tyra Sharif

  • "My new job means more time out on the road. I can be away for weeks at a time. With Millennia Cargo’s mail service, I have someone handling my mail and the best thing is I can access all of it from wherever I happen to be at the time. All I need is the internet. "

    - Lenny Manfield

  • "We recently had to move overseas because of my new promotion at work. The wife is a shopaholic and is bummed that her shopping habits have been waylaid. She tried shopping online, but found many sites will not ship to us. I set her up with the Mail Forwarding Service offered by Millennia Cargo. This allows her to take care of the great pricing in the U.S. and purchase from her favorite stores. She’s happy, so I am happy."

    - Robert Price

  • "I am constantly on the go and just don’t feel like being bothered going through my mail, especially when so much of is it junk mail. For only a few dollars a month, I have Millennia Cargo take care of all my mail. They send me notices, like e-mail, and I let them know what I want to do with it and they take care of the rest."

    - Miranda Sky

  • "I love shopping, but I spend a lot of my time with my family in Germany. When I am there, I can’t really scratch my shopping itch because many U.S. sites won’t send packages here. Millennia Cargo solved that problem for me. I buy, they receive my package and then they forward it to me at whatever address I choose."

    - Tim Steele

  • "My business contacts are not too thrilled sometimes with paying international mail and shipping rates just to send me correspondence. I set up a U.S. based mailing address with Millennia Cargo and they receive all my mail and then send it on to me when I request it. My business contacts are happy to save money as well!"

    - Rasesh Patel

  • "I travel as much as I can and I can leave home knowing that Millennia Cargo has everything covered as far as my mail is concerned. They handle everything and even discard my junk mail without bothering me with it. Awesome – don’t know what I would do without them."

    - John Lewiston

  • "Our business is booming but our staff is not. We run skeleton crew here and just don’t have time for mundane tasks like mail sorting. All of our company’s managerial staff and owners use the address we have set up with Millennia Cargo and they do all the legwork for us. All we have to do is review our notifications and tell them how we want our mail handled when it comes in."

    - Adrianna Polk

  • "We were running into a problem with our real estate broker. We were running out of time to find a new space. We found out Millennia Cargo offered these services. They hit the ground running by finding us the perfect space at the perfect cost."

    - Caitlin Palermo

  • "Millennia Cargo has our complete confidence. They handle all of our inventory needs and constantly monitor inventory levels and potential issues with expiring product. It allows us to run specials to move the product before we lose it."

    - Surendra Chambal

  • "Millennia Cargo was able to interface with our existing computer systems so we could have access to our inventory and shipments at any time. They were great during our initial setup and continue to be a company we hope to deal with for many years."

    - Millicent Ward

  • "Our business has a pretty strict recycling policy that is the platform of our business. Millennia Cargo shares our concern for the environment and has a number of recycling and reuse programs already in place."

    - Dustin Holmes

  • "We were trying to lure a few new customers over to our business. They expressed how they really loved the option of buying mixed product pallets. We were scrambling. We didn’t offer them and we didn’t have them. We talked it over with the experts at Millennia Cargo and they created a new product for us and even created new labels and SKUs. They saved the day for sure."

    - Pete Roberts

  • "We had no idea what we were doing when it came to logistics. A business associate recommended Millennia Cargo and we couldn’t be happier. Now we let the experts handle it. So much of our budget was being spent on shipping. We found out about Millennia Cargo and called them up. We were shocked at how much they said they could save us. We signed up with them and can say that they have stuck to their promise. "

    - Jamie Giordano

  • Our marketing department can be brutal. They are constantly running promos and wanting to change up product offerings. Millennia Cargo takes it all in stride and does whatever we ask of them. They are the best.

    - Rocco DePalo

  • Our products must be stored at specific temps to prevent spoilage. Millennia Cargo earmarks our shipments as soon as they arrive and they are tagged immediately for special storage. We don’t worry when they are handling our inventory.

    - Ted Lindenmuth

  • "Millennia Cargo helped us to locate and purchase a new location. Once we had it, we didn’t know how to set it up for maximum efficiency and how to make sure we had everything accounted for that we needed. Their consultants worked with us to figure out we needed and even helped us design the floor plan so the space was being used to its best."

    - Patsy Edinburgh

Customer Service

We take customer service very seriously. Our staff is professional and capable of handling all of your needs. For customer support issues, please reach out to us at or call us at (800) 651-5659.

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